Our Turkeys come to the farm, from Kelly's hatcheries, at the grand age of one day old. Whatever your preference we try and cater for everyone. We rear white and bronze turkeys and also offer the option of just buying a turkey crown or a boned and rolled turkey joint.

Other options are a half a turkey (all the flavour for half the price) for a fewer number of people or a three bird roast that offers an extra special talking point.

The turkeys at Marsh Farm are reared right through to oven ready. Unfortunately these days it is very hard to find a farm that rears and butchers the meat themselves, so marsh farm nestled in the rolling hills of north cornwall is quite unique.

The turkeys live in their traditional pole barns with plenty of natural light and ventilation. This is only until they are big enough to go out.

Once the turkeys are large enough they go out and wander around in their designated field during the day and then back to their barn at night. All our turkeys are fed on GM free, additive free and antibiotic free food to allow them to grow healthy and at their own pace.

Once they are ready for Christmas Keith Wickett insists on using traditional methods of preparation. Dry plucking them, hand finishing them and hanging for a minimum of seven days ensures that the turkey reaches the customer in its most delicious form. Once this process is complete the turkey is put in a cosy greaseproof paper lined box along with a vacuum packed bag of giblets, a turkey timer and a sprig of herbs for good measure.

All you have to do when you get it home is place it in the oven for the designated amount of time and enjoy a tasty turkey for Christmas dinner. Not only do our turkeys taste great but it is worth noting that using these traditional methods, it also allows dying skills to continue and man power to still be very much relevant in a modern day working environment.